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Who Is Amy Duncan? Everything On Tim Duncan Wife

Who Is Amy Duncan? Everything On Tim Duncan Wife

Amy Duncan is the former wife of Tim Duncan. They had a messy and odd married life at the end.

Veteran NBA star, Tim Duncan, has recently joined the Hall of Fame. He was an MVP for the San Antonio Spurs for nearly 2 decades.

Furthermore, his ex-wife, Amy Duncan, knew him even before his NBA Career. 

Meet Amy Duncan, aka Tim Duncan’s Former Wife?

Amy Duncan is the ex-wife of Tim Duncan.

Tim and Amy started dating in 1992. She supported her former partner throughout his college career and NBA draft. Eventually, the couple officially commenced their marriage in July 2001.

In the summer of 2005, the Duncans added daughter Sydney Duncan to the family.

Likewise, their second child, Draven, was born in 2007. However, the paradise fell apart after some years as Amy filed for divorce in March of 2013.

It is alleged that both Tim and Amy cheated on each other.

Apparently, Amy cheated on her husband with the family’s personal trainer. On the other hand, Amy accused her husband of being bisexual and allegedly cheating her with a man. 

However, the truth behind the stories was never confirmed. In the end, their “insupportable” difference led to a divorce in August 2013. 

Update on Amy: Her Age and Wikipedia

Amy Duncan’s age is 44 years old.

She was born as Amy Sherrill to parents: Fred Sherrill and Judy Sherrill. Likewise, she is a native of North Carolina.

Amy Duncan’s Wikipedia is not available.

Similar to her husband, Amy attended Wake Forest University. She used to be a part of the cheerleading team or the college. This eventually ignited the love between the football star and the cheerleader. 

Her Net Worth and Fortune 

Amy Duncan’s net worth yields decently.

It is estimated that her former husband is worth a whopping $130 million. Besides, they had supposedly signed a prenup agreement before the marriage.

Therefore, we speculate Amy might have got a fair share of the money.

Tim Duncan has already retired from his NBA career now. Similarly, Amy and Tim might still meet each other via their children. However, the former partners prefer to keep things undercover. 

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