Amy Tapper Gogglebox Weight Loss, Dad, Boyfriend, Instagram

Amy Tapper Gogglebox Weight Loss: Facts On Her Boyfriend And Dating Life

Amy Tapper Gogglebox Weight Loss: Facts On Her Boyfriend And Dating Life

Amy Tapper is a British reality TV star who featured in the Channel 4 reality show, Gogglebox. She was present on the show from 2013 to 2018. The show, Gogglebox is about taping people watching their favorite series at their homes. The show is a great hit in England and has yielded several spin-offs in Australia as well. 

In her recent interview with The Sun, Amy Tapper has revealed that she is single and looking to dive into the dating world. The Gogglebox star always had issues with her weight. It has been a problem for her since she was eight. Well, not anymore. The reality beauty has lost 3 and a half stone of weight and feels more than confident to start dating. 

Name Amy Tapper
Age 20 years
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Reality TV Star
Married/Single Single
Instagram @amytappsx

Here are the 10 interesting facts to know about the TV celebrity, Amy Tapper. 

10 Facts on Amy Tapper

  1. Amy Tapper is a British reality TV star who is best known for her appearance in the show, Gogglebox. 
  2. Moreover, Amy Tapper has recently lost weight of around 3 and a half stone. It has developed more confidence in her. 
  3. Earlier this year, her father was positive with Covid-19. However, Jonathan’s health would deteriorate if he hadn’t lost 3 stone weight a couple of months earlier. 
  4. Along with him, his entire family including Amy showed positive for the Covid-19 test. 
  5. Moving on, Amy Tapper seems to be back in the dating world. Her interview suggests that she is looking for a boyfriend. 
  6. She is present on Instagram and has more than 65k followers there. 
  7. However, the reality TV star had to experience a few sour dating experiences.
  8. But she seems very confident now as she has lost over 3 and a half stone of weight. 
  9. For which, she gives credits to Do the Unthinkable Diet with Muscle Foods Goal Getters and herself for all workouts and gym experiences. 
  10. The 20-year-old surely is going to find her better half soon, now she is back in the field. 

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