Amy Thunig Partner Bio, Parents Age And Wikipedia

Amy Thunig Partner Or Husband – Is She Married?

Amy Thunig Partner Or Husband – Is She Married?

Amy Thunig is a Gomeroi woman who is married to her husband, but no information on her partner is available. She has three kids with her husband.

Who is Amy Thunig? Wikipedia and Bio

Amy Thunig is a Ph.D. student candite and a researcher at the University of Newcastle.

She is doing her Ph.D. in education. She is an exquisite example of an independent woman. 

Amy is interested in writing, enjoying her family life, and also runs her podcast called Blacademia.

Amy is known for her advocacy and movement in Indigenous rights, social justice, academia, and education.

She is also the recipient of the 2018 Margaret Dooley Fellowship for Emerging Indigenous Writers.

Amy is a part of the Gomeroi tribe has a deep interest in Indigenous culture, rights, and preserving their history. Gomeroi is an Australian Aboriginal language used in New South Wales.

Gomeroi People view people and country both lands and waterways as interdependent entities. As linked through the landscape, culture, and spiritual significance. This tells that there is no separation of nature and culture is what they believe in. 

Her book named “Tell Me Again” is going to be released in the year 2022 by the University of Queensland Press.

Who is Amy Thunig Partner?

Amy is a happily married woman. She and her husband have three children together.

She seems to have a very happy married life with her husband. Amy is an intellectual woman who is managing her studies, married life, and children.

There is no information about her husband’s name and what he does. But in Twitter she had commented on a post saying:

“How wonderful. My husband and I married in the boutique cinema where we had our first date I love old cinemas.” 

How romantic. She and her husband tied their know and exchanged their vows at a boutique cinema.

The couple must have been madly in love and super romantic. That is the most thoughtful and meaningful wedding venue one can have.

Amy Thunig Parents And Age

Amy’s Parents are indigenous people belonging to the Gomeroi tribe. According to Amy in an article, she mentioned how her parents always pushed her for higher education. She also said that she had never seen her mother without her book. 

And the house she grew up in had a linen closet filled with books. It was her parent’s motivation and encouragement towards her for her success and recognition in the world. 

There is no private information about her parents. 

Also, her age is assumed to be the mid or late 30s. There is no information about her birth date and year. 

Her famous ted talk called Disruption is not Dirty Word is loved by many people.

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