Angela Rose Myers Wikipedia NAACP Biography, Age And Parents

Angela Rose Myers Wikipedia Age: Everything On NAACP President

Angela Rose Myers Wikipedia Age: Everything On NAACP President

President of NAACP Angela Rose Myers has a lot of people wondering about her age. 

Angela Rose Myers is the president of “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” (NAACP) since November 2020. 

She draws her inspiration from her grandfather, Dr. Sameul L. Myers Sr. who one of the Bowie State University’s former presidents and also a former president of the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education.

Angela Rose Myers Age and Wikipedia

Angela Rose is 25 years of age and her birthday falls on September 16th.

She was born in the year 1995 and is native to Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Despite being a really prominent public figure, Angela Rose Myers has not been featured on Wikipedia yet.

On the contrary, she has her own personal website with a short biography and a LinkedIn profile on the internet.

Angela Rose Myers Parents and Husband

From her Instagram, we learned that Angela Rose Myers’s parents are Dr. Sameul L. Myers Jr. and Dr. Sheila Ards.

Her father, Dr. Sameul is a professor of public policy at the University of Minnesota and a professor at Humphrey School.

Similarly her mother, Dr. Sheila is the former assistant vice-president for Community engagement at the University of Minnesota. 

President Angela is also already married.

Myers’ husband is Tyler A. Moroles and they got married on February 14, 2020.

The pair had been dating for two years before they got engaged. Tyler had proposed to her on a private beach during their time in Portugal.

She had announced her engagement on Instagram on May 6th and tied the knot on Valentine’s day of 2020 in Puerto Rico.

Meet Angela Rose Myers on Instagram

President Angela Rose Myers is available and active on Instagram and Twitter. She has 2,561 followers on her account @angelaros_sr, right now.

Aside from actively speaking on the social matter, she has also shared some of the moments from her personal life with her followers.

Likewise, Twitter is also another platform where she is dedicated to spreading her voice against anti-racism. Her account @AngelaRMyerssr currently has 1,107 people following her.


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