Anna Horford Age – Meet Al Horford Sister On Instagram

How Old Is Anna Horford? Meet Al Horford Sister On Instagram

How Old Is Anna Horford? Meet Al Horford Sister On Instagram

Anna Horford of age 29 hosts a weekly podcast for CLNS Media. Find Al Horford sister on Instagram.

Anna is a TV personality and a host. She is also well known as the basketball player Al Horford’s sister.

Anna Horford Age: How Old Is She?

Anna Horford age is 29 years old.

Horford was born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. However, she grew up in Lansing, Michigan, where her family moved in 2000.

Besides, Anna has not shared her exact birthdate. As a matter of fact, she is six years younger than her big brother Al who turned 35 years on June 3.

Interestingly, Anna played basketball for a while in her high school. However, she injured her knee in a game. As a result, she left the court to spectate and cheer up her brother in his games.

Anna Horford: Al Horford’s sister

Anna Horford is Al Horford’s sister.

In fact, Al is one of her four brothers. Josh, Jon, and Christian are the names of the other three brothers. Similarly, she has a sister named Maria.

Anna’s brother Al is a professional basketball power forward. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunders in NBA.

Not to mention, Al has seared NBA All-Star honors five times. In addition, he is reportedly the highest-earning basketball player of Latin American origin.

Anna had cheered for her brother when he played for Florida Gators’ basketball team. He had earned the Gators the NCAA national championships in 2006 and 2007.

Meet Her on Instagram

Anna Horford is on Instagram as @anna_horford.

Al’s sister has got over 9.4 thousand followers on the platform. Anna’s first Instagram post dates back to May 2016. In fact, she had uploaded the photo on her brother Al’s birthday.

Interestingly, her brother Al makes frequent appearances on her Instagram photos.

Her Wikipedia and Net Worth

Anna is not on Wikipedia yet.

She currently serves as the host of the Horford Happy Hour podcast. She discusses various topics each week, comforting with a drink in the CLNS Media show.

Anna’s net worth is a mystery for now. Besides, her brother Al’s net worth is $32 million.

Her Parents and Boyfriend

Anna Horford’s parents are Tito, her father, and Arelis, her mother.

In fact, her father was also a basketball player in NBA.

Anna has a boyfriend. But she has not revealed his details as of now.

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