Anton Lazzaro Net Worth & Wikipedia

Who Is Anton Lazzaro Fox News? Why Was He Arrested?

Who Is Anton Lazzaro Fox News? Why Was He Arrested?

What Is Anton Lazzaro Net Worth? Anton was recently arrested by the feds on multiple counts of underage sex trafficking. Here is what we know so far.

Anton Lazzaro is an American Republican strategist who previously worked in Minnesota as a congressional campaign manager. Anton has made several guest appearances on Fox News. He is the director and the founder of Big Tent Republicans PAC. 

Lazzaro has run digital operations for the Republican political Campaigns in Minnesota and California. Lazzaro got arrested on August 12, 2021, under the charges of sex trafficking.

Anton Lazzaro Net Worth Details Explored

Anton Lazzaro’s net worth is in the millions, given his successful businesses.

Anton Lazzaro also owns the company Gold River Group, where he is the CEO. Lazzaro is an entrepreneur who worked in the GOP candidate Lacy Johnson’s team as the campaign manager. He has donated to Republicans for almost a decade, and his donations have increased since 2016.

Lazzaro often flaunts his wealthy lifestyle as he shows off his luxurious lifestyle, expensive cars, private jets, and stacks of cash on Instagram and Facebook.

Anton lives in a luxurious condo in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Is Anton Lazzaro On Wikipedia?

Anton Lazzaro is not on Wikipedia. However, one can read about Lazzaro’s biography on his website and a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Anton Lazzaro’s age is 30 years

According to his LinkedIn profile, Anton Lazzaro graduated from Brigham Young University, Idaho, with a degree in Neuro Science and Physics. He went to the prestigious Palos Verdes Peninsula High School.

Why Was He Arrested Today?

Anton Lazzaro got arrested in Minneapolis on Thursday morning. Lazzaro is charged with three counts of obstruction of justice, five counts of sex trafficking of a minor, and one count of attempting to trafficking a minor, reports Business Insider

The details of the case were further revealed in the federal court in St. Paul, Minnesota, that afternoon. The indictment took place over a video conference. He was asked to remain in prison until the next court hearing after the prosecutors stated that the six victims asked for more protection from Anton.

Anton got accused of recruiting five minors for paid sex between May and December 2020 and trying to lure the sixth victim. A second person who is the co-conspirator in the case is yet to be arrested.

The FDI raided Anton’s condo in downtown Minneapolis in December 2020.

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