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Anuja Kamat

Anuja Kamat

Anuja Kamat is a musical artist and singer who is from India. She is a classical singer who has sharpened skills in classical music. She also has her own youtube channel from where she shares her music to her audiences.

Name Anuja Kamat
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
Profession Musical Artist
Married/Single Single
Youtube Anuja Kamat

She hails from India and has mentioned that her upbringing has influenced her a lot. Having a lot of interest in classical music from a young age she started to learn classical music and today she is very popular among the audiences. Ther record label with which she is associated is Mitali Creations. She has also released her albums and for which she is recognized by thousands of people.

She has also appeared on TEDx Talks. She is still working hard on developing her skills and is learning from many legendary classical singers. Though she is a popular singer only a little info about her is known to her fans and followers.

10 Facts on Anuja Kamat

  1. Anuja Kamat’s Wikipedia is not yet available because she has not been as popular as other artists. So, we hope you will know a lot about her after reading these 10 facts.
  2. She is actually well-known as an Indian classical musical artist whose popular songs are Akkalkotichya Dwari, Seva Ghadavi, Jagadeeshwari, etc. 
  3. Her exact age is not yet known but we will try to find it as soon as possible.
  4. She has released a number of albums as of her profession of the musical artist – Ashtapanchak Chatushloki, Bedkach Lagna, and Sadguru Shree Swami Samartha.
  5. We have no idea about her height, weight, and also other various body measurements.
  6. Talking about her nationality, she is definitely Indian. 
  7. We are absolutely sorry to inform you that this popular musical artist is not active on Instagram.
  8. Also, the information related to her relationship status seems unknown as she has not updated about it anywhere on the internet.
  9. Her songs are easily available on her official YouTube channel where she has around 225 thousand subscribers already.
  10. All we can confirm about her parents is that they are Indian. 

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