Are Randy Spracklin Parents Married or Divorced?

Randy Spracklin Parents: Married Or Divorce Information

Randy Spracklin Parents: Married Or Divorce Information

Are Randy Spracklin parents married or divorced? Please continue reading to know about them.

Randy Spracklin is one of the casts of Rock Solid Builds. Along with his team, the reality television star is set for historic renovations despite the bad weather in Newfoundland.

He gets involved in various renovation projects every single year. Calling himself a third-generation builder, he is definitely one of the best in his business.

Are Randy Spracklin Parents Married or Divorced?

Since Randy Spracklin has remained silent about his parents, we are unsure whether they are married or divorced. 

Even though we know his father’s name (Scott Spracklin), we remain unknown about his mother. Since we can’t read Scott’s bio on the internet, we can’t know about his wife.

As Randy has never been open about his mother, we do not know if he likes to talk much about her in public. It might be because his parents are already divorced. But, nothing has been officialized yet.

Hopefully, Randy himself will reveal all the required information about his parents soon. However, if he doesn’t wish to share, we shouldn’t force him to do so. Maybe he likes to keep a private life, and we all must respect his decision.

It could be that his parents are still married but are not very open about their relationship. No matter what, the couple has raised an amazing son who has already proved himself after being successful. His parents can’t be more proud of him.

His Family Details To Know

As we mentioned earlier, he is a third-generation builder, which means that his entire family belongs to the renovation and building business.

That’s where he learned his skill from. In fact, his interview with Canada has revealed that he wished his children to follow the same path as his.

Interestingly, his grandfather was a great builder, followed by his father. However, we are not sure about his married life. Since he has mentioned his son and daughter, he might have hinted to us about his unknown wife.

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