Are Yassie Safai And Dustin Johnson Dating? Age Height And Instagram

Yassie Safai Age: Meet Dustin Johnson Girlfriend On Instagram

Yassie Safai Age: Meet Dustin Johnson Girlfriend On Instagram

Rumors have surrounded Dustin Johnson and Yassie Safai are having an affair. Get to know about the said girl’s age and height. 

Yassie Safai is a business development and sales professional currently residing in Laguna Niguel, California. 

She is a graduate of UCLA with a BA in Business Economics Program in Computing Specialization and a graduate degree in Economics. 

She is an avid golfer who also runs her own consultancy business, Yahsome, which was founded in 2014. 

Recently, dating rumors of her and Dustin Johnson have been going around.

Are Yassie Safai And Dustin Johnson Dating?

No, Yassie Safai and Dustin Johnson are not dating

She had made it clear on her Instagram that the news is just rumors and she had met Dustin at Sherwood Country Club and lightly talked to him, nothing more.

Furthermore, she also revealed that they have never been in a relationship and are not close, considering she had only met him 4 times. 

Moreover, she wrote that she has never Paulina Gretzky and her family and has no insight into the rumors around Dustin and Paulina’s relationship. 

Pauline and Dustin have been engaged and have 2 children together: Tatum Gretzky Johnson and River Jones Johnson.

This has not been the only time the golfer, Dustin Johnson had been caught up in rumors. 

Previously there were rumors of him having an affair with Alli Mackenzie, ex-wife of fellow golfer Will. 

Yassie Safai Age and Height

According to The Sun, Yassie Safai is 39 years of age with her height being unknown.

The said woman is secretive o her private life and hardly has ever shared anything personal about herself. 

We also do not know anything about Yassie Safai’s family.

What is Yassie Safai’s Net Worth?

Yassie Safai’s net worth has not been revealed on the internet.

Considering she is a businesswoman with her own firm, we assume that she is living comfortably.

Meet Yassie Safai on Instagram

Yassie Safai is active on Instagram @yawesome. However, the account is private and has 376 followers. 

On the contrary, we can view Paulina and Dustin’s Instagrams where we can affirm that they are still in a relationship. 

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