Ari Gershman death, Murder, Age, Wife, Profession, Son Jack Gershman

Dr. Ari Gershman

Dr. Ari Gershman

Dr. Ari Gershman’s death news has crippled everyone by fear. It was on the third of July when Ari Gershman and his son, Jack Gershman were on their way to hike. When Ari had stopped so that he could ask for directions, he was gunned down.

His son, Jack Gershman was quick to save himself from the gunshots but his father could not come out alive. Following this tragic incident, the investigation began and a suspect by the name, John Thomas Conway was charged for the killing of Dr. Ari Gershman. Here are some facts on Dr. Ari Gershman.

Name Ari Gershman
Age 45 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Pulmonary Doctor
Married/Single Married
Wife Paige Gershman
Children Evan, Jack and Maci Gershman
Facebook Ari Gershman

10 Facts on Dr. Ari Gershman

  1. Dr. Ari Gershman is an American pulmonary doctor. He was brutally killed in front of his son, Jack Gershman while both of them were going for their Sierra hike.
  2. As someone who is specialized in the respiratory system, he must have received an MD from a medical institute. However, it has not been made public which medical institute did he graduate from.
  3. His son, Jack Gershman might have been traumatized to see his innocent father getting killed.
  4. The murder of Ari Gershman took place on the third of July this year. The news was so haunting that it made people sick.
  5. The Victim, Ari was only 45 years old when he was shot to death.
  6. He was married to his wife, Paige Gershman. It later came to the public that she has been fighting cancer.
  7. Talking about his profession, he is a pulmonary doctor who was based in California.
  8. He has three children, two sons, and a daughter. His two sons are Evan, and Jack whereas his daughter is Maci Gershman.
  9. To help the Gershman family, a Gofundme fundraising page has been created. You can go and donate the family whatever small amount you can offer.
  10. He did not have social media accounts.

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