Ashleigh Barty Partner Garry Kissick

Who Is Ashleigh Barty Partner Garry Kissick? Are The Married?

Who Is Ashleigh Barty Partner Garry Kissick? Are The Married?

Ashleigh Barty’s partner is  Gary Kissick. They have been dating for a long period of time. Are they married? Let’s find out. 

Ashleigh Barty is an Australian professional tennis player. She is ranked number one tennis player in the world right now. 

Also, she is a former cricketer. We can say her decision to quit cricket for tennis turned out to be the best for her. Being the number one tennis player, she has gained fans worldwide, which has resulted in people keeping interested in her personal life. 

Ashleigh Barty Partner Garry Kissick – Are They Married? 

Ashleigh Barty’s partner appears to be Garry Kissick. 

He is a golf player and currently, a PGA trainee professional. Also, he works as an irrigation technician for the greens.

As reported, they had first met at Brookwater golf club, where Gary works. Initially, they met in 2016, but the public came to know about them only when she brought him to John Newcombe Awards in 2017. 

Despite dating each other for a long time, they have not married yet. People suspect them to be secretly engaged, but Ashleigh is not seen with a ring on her ring finger to this date.

We assume they have a healthy relationship and might be out of wedlock till now. 

Does Ashleigh Belong to the Aboriginal Or Indigenous group?

Yes, Ashleigh belongs to the Nagaragu people (an indigenous group of people from New South Wales and North-Eastern Victoria).

Her great-grandmother was from this aboriginal indigenous group. Because of her father’s grandmother, her father belonged to the Nagaragu people. 

Ashleigh Barty Parents and Family

Ashleigh Barty is the daughter of Josie and Robert Barty.

Her father used to work for State Library Queensland. He was from rural Queensland. Her mother works as a radiographer. 

Ashleigh acquires aboriginal descent of Nagaragu people from her father’s side and English descent from her mother. Her Father belongs to an indigenous group from New South Wales, while her mother was an English immigrant. 

Ashleigh also has two elder sisters Sara and Ali. 

We can find Ashleigh on Instagram under the name @ashbarty, where she almost has 253k followers. 

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