Assunta di Lorenzo Husband, Age, Salary, Son And Wikipedia Bio

Former Secretary Assunta di Lorenzo Husband And Family Facts To Know

Former Secretary Assunta di Lorenzo Husband And Family Facts To Know

Assunta di Lorenzo, a corporate lawyer, and businesswoman has resigned her position as the secretary of the former Governor-General of Canada, Julie Payette, following a six months investigation on the criticism faced on workplace harassment. The duo, who were close friends, left the office with apologies for the misconduct.

Quick Facts: Former Secretary Assunta di Lorenzo Husband And Family Facts To Know

Name Assunta di Lorenzo
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Profession Corporate Lawyer

Assunta di Lorenzo Relationships and Family

Any information regarding Assunta di Lorenzo’s husband, son, and her family’s life is unknown. Apparently, she has never been a center of attention for any media until the recent allegations linking Julie Payette, a former engineer, scientist, and an astronaut.

However, some sources claim that Assunta di Lorenzo and Julie Payette were not just close friends but were also a couple. Following several pieces of information gathered during the harassment investigation, it is believed that the duo was actually secretly dating each other.

Her Net Worth As A Corporate Lawyer And Secretary

Assunta di Lorenzo studied law and spent over a decade working for law firms with the likes of Stikeman Elliott and Ogilvy Renault. Later she became a member of Fraser Milner Casgrain as well as McMillan and provided corporate governing advice in these two firms.

She spent most of her years as a corporate executive for both private and public bodies. Later she worked as the Secretary to Governor-General of Canada, Julie Payette until she recently resigned following an allegation of workplace toxicity.

Due to the lack of information, Assunta di Lorenzo’s salary during her office days as well as her net worth is unknown.

 Facts on Assunta di Lorenzo 

  1. Although information regarding her birthdate and birthplace is unknown, judging by her recent pictures, Assunta di Lorenzo’s age can be estimated to be in the late 50s.
  2. She is of Canadian nationality by birth.
  3. She spent over 30 years of her life learning and working as a corporate governor advisor to public and private entities.
  4. She fluently speaks English, French, Italian, and Spanish. 
  5. She has also learned to speak some Polish.

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