Avis Ann Baldwin Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Parents

Avis Ann Baldwin

Avis Ann Baldwin

Avis Ann Baldwin is one of the daughters of Daniel Baldwin, who is a famous American director, producer, and actor providing some quality movies throughout his career in Hollywood. He is yet to be famous as his brothers but is pretty famous to make his daughter popular.

Alvis is a cute loveable little girl of the house although she is the second eldest daughter in the family. She is super close to her father as Daniel loves posting her pictures on social media. She is still young and can have a great career learning from her father.

Name Avis Ann Baldwin
Birthday 2008
Age 12
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Daniel Baldwin, Joanne Smith
Instagram avisbaldwin11708

10 Facts About Alvis Ann Baldwin

  1. Alvis was born in Los Angeles, California on January 17, 2008.
  2. As of 2020, adorable Alvis has got the age of 12 years. She is turning 13 soon by 2021.
  3. The name ‘Avis’ is a French word but relates to bird in Latin meaning and ‘Ann’ means favor which is of Hebrew origin.
  4. Talking about her family, she has a brother named Atticus Baldwin and three sisters Finley Rae Martineau Baldwin, Kahlea Baldwin, and Alexandra Baldwin.
  5. Her parents Joanne Smith and Daniel Baldwin first met in alcohol rehab which eventually led them to get married but unfortunately, they got divorced afterward.
  6. She has got a decent height of 4 feet and 3 inches. However, she is still in her growing phase.
  7. Despite being a daughter of Daniel Baldwin, Alvis is yet to be found in Wikipedia.
  8. There is no factual data describing her net worth on the internet. Anyway, the net worth of her father is estimated to be around $400 thousand.
  9. Since she is just 12 years old, she is currently not in any relationship.
  10. Alvis Ann Baldwin is available on Instagram as ‘avisbaldwin11708‘ and has got 187 followers. She is yet to have a twitter account.

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