Aye Hood Tiktok Allegations – Was Aye Hood Arrested?

Aye Hood Tiktok Allegations – Was Aye Hood Arrested?

Aye Hood Tiktok Allegations – Was Aye Hood Arrested?

Aye Hood Tiktok allegations were cited that she hit a girl. Hood was reportedly arrested for the same charges.

Nobody is perfect and online influencers are no exception. Every another day, some actions of famous Tiktokers come under fire. Now, Tiktok star Hood has come under scrutiny for his latest legal case. 

Aye Hood Tiktok Allegations – Was He Arrested?

Aye Hood Tiktok star has been under severe allegations recently.

As per reports, he allegedly beat up a girl. Within some hours, the news spread like wildfire all over the Tiktok. However, the names and details of the girl are protected for now.

Aye was supposedly arrested by the police.

It is rumored that Aye is currently in a jail cell in Ohio. Hood’s arrest was the result of his scandal.

However, the full reports of the alleged crime are still under review. Neither the officials nor Hood himself has publicly spoken about the situation yet. 

Response on Aye Hood Tiktok Scandal

Aye Hood Tiktok scandal blasted like a bomb in Tiktok. 

Many people came forward on social media to criticize his alleged actions. People started making their Tiktoks to address the situation.

However, the comments on Aye’s Tiktok were stopped. 

So, people started to jump on his Instagram handle, where the comments were still made available. While some fans were unknown of what had happened, others called him out for the beating allegations.

Who Is Aye Hood? Real Name and Instagram

Aye Hood real name is still under review.

A native of Greenwood lake, he is famous for making comic and dance videos on Tiktok. His Tiktok has over 217.6K followers. 

Furthermore, he has amassed over 784k hearts for his Tiktok clips.


##FriendsReunion ##katespadenyhappydance ##AYEHOOD

♬ original sound – Ayehoodofficial ONLY BACKUP


Likewise, Aye’s Instagram handle is @ayehoodofficial.

He garners 18.6k followers on his IG handle. Moreover, his Tweets are available at @0Ratchet0.

Hood even has his merchandise and business in line. But, his latest scandal has put his whole career on edge. Only time will tell if the allegations are true or not.

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