Ayoola Ajayi Wife Family and Now: MacKenzie Lueck Case Update

Where Is Ayoola Ajayi Today? Dateline MacKenzie Lueck  Case Update

Where Is Ayoola Ajayi Today? Dateline MacKenzie Lueck  Case Update

The Dateline episode about Ayoola Ajayi revealed little details about his wife and family. Stay with the article to find out more about Ayoola.

Ayoola Ajayi was an IT support worker who lived in the US but is originally from Nigeria. Dateline Today aired an episode, The Waiting Car, which shows the details of Ayoola and the murder of MacKenzie Lueck. 

Ayoola got arrested on several charges, such as kidnapping, murder, sexual abuse, and many more. 

Ayoola Ajayi Wife And Family

Ayoola Ajayi’s wife is Jenkins Ajayi.

Jenkins met him through a family friend. Ayoola and Jenkins had a problematic and troubled marriage. Ayoola and Jenkins got married in 2011 in Dallas, Texas. Ayoola got angry at Jenkins when she could not move with her children to Dallas with him.

Ayoola once threatened and tried to restrain Jenkins at a friend’s house. She still had scars on her arms from a knife and broken glass. According to KUTV, Jenkins Ajayi has not talked to her husband, Ayoola, in many years. They are still legally married as Ayoola refused to divorce Jenkins.

MacKenzie Lueck Case Update

MacKenzie Lueck was murdered on June 17, 2019.

MacKenzie and Ayoola met in 2018 on a dating website but had never seen each other in person. After her father reported to the police that Lueck was missing, the police began their investigation. 

Ayoola Ajayi got arrested just days after the missing report was filed. All the details about Mackenzie’s murder are present on a Wikipedia page.

Where is Ayoola Ajayi Now?

Ayoola Ajayi is in the Utah State Prison for the murder of MacKenzie Lueck.

On October 22, 2020, Ayoola was sentenced to life with no parole, reports Deseret. After months of investigation, it was found that Ajayi murdered Lueck just to feel what it’s like to kill someone.

The judge called the case one of the cruelest and depravity cases in Utah. Ayoola was sent to jail after being charged with aggravated murder and a first-degree felony.

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