Bailey Breedlove Tiktok Video, Age, Six Flags And Instagram

Who is Bailey Breedlove? The body shame video goes viral on TikTok

Who is Bailey Breedlove? The body shame video goes viral on TikTok

Bailey Breedlove Tiktok video of her Six Flags experience has recently gone viral. 

Bailey Breedlove was allegedly body-shamed by police. However, it was not a regular police officer, but a police officer at Six Flags, Oklahoma. Bailey accuses she was also threatened and mistreated at the park. 

Bailey Breedlove Tiktok Video: What Happened in Six Flags?

Bailey Breedlove Tiktok video shows she was allegedly body-shamed by police.

Recently, Tiktok user @baileybreedlove970 went viral on the platform after sharing her unpleasant experience at Six Flag, Oklahoma. Apparently, police called out Bailey because her shorts were “too short”.

Originally from Durango, Colorado, she had recently traveled to Oklahoma. She was on a vacation with her daughter and boyfriend. Similarly, they checked in the amusement park on April 30, 2021. 


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Bailey Breedlove first entered into Six Flags around 5 pm without any problems. 

However, she was later escorted by police to the exit gate. Breedlove mentioned that the police first complained about her shorts and called her disorderly. 

The TikTok video has amassed massive attention from people. Within a span of 3 days, it already has over 2.3 million views. 

How Old Is Bailey Breedlove? 

Bailey Breedlove seems around her late 20s.

Likewise, her daughter is around 11 years old. As a fact, even the little girl was confronted by the police. Breedlove claims that her young child was yelled at by the police for rolling down a Hill skate shoes.

In addition to police, Bailey Breedlove was even body-shamed by the Six Flags manager. Furthermore, they even asked her to buy new shorts.

The victim further adds she is an autistic person. Therefore, she supposedly couldn’t even fight back against the police at that time. 

Bailey Breedlove Instagram

Bailey Breedlove’s Instagram is absent for now.

But, she does have a Facebook account. Likewise, Bailey Breedlove’s Facebook post has also gone viral. 

According to the latest update, Breedlove has already contacted the Oklahoma police. She is demanding a refund and compensation for her experience.

On the other hand, the Oklahoma police confirmed that it was not a member of the department who confronted Bailey. Likewise, Six Fags has not given any statement on the case yet. 

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