Ban Onlyjayus From Tiktok Petition

Ban Onlyjayus From Tiktok Petition – What Did Onlyjayus Do?

Ban Onlyjayus From Tiktok Petition – What Did Onlyjayus Do?

Ban Onlyjayus from Tiktok is one of the trending marks on the platform. People are signing the petition that she needs to be banned. What did she do? Let us find out.

Onlyjayus, aka Isabella Avila, is a popular social media influencer. She is a gamer, YouTuber, Instagrammer, and most importantly, TikTok star. 

Her name often comes in the headlines due to her YouTube or TikTok banned issues. You will be intrigued by knowing her fan following on social media outlets. She is a vast web personality.

Ban Onlyjayus TikTok

People want Onlyjayus TikTok to be banned. 

In 2019, she was banned permanently from Tiktok due to a violation of TikTok guidelines. She has tweeted this on her personal Twitter page.

Her violation type was controversial content. However, her Twitter account was also suspended for a few days, but it has been retrieved. 

Besides, her TikTok account has 13.5 million followers and 614.5 likes so far. You can check out her amazing content on this platform.

Petition Has Been Signed By The Viewers

People are signing petitions against her. They want her TikTok account to be banned.

According to Change, 34,763 have signed the petitions. At 35,000 signatures, it will be the top signed petitions. Perhaps, her account will be banned or deleted.

Is she banned? Onlyjayus is not banned for now. 

Let me tell you; her first TikTok video was posted in February 2019. Since then, she has been posting entertaining videos for fans.

What Did Onlyjayus Do?

As per the viewers and TikTok users, Onlyjayus is racist.

She has been caught and called out multiple times to misbehave the disabled creators and make fun of the creator’s colors.

Nevertheless, her TikTok drama is all over the internet after getting canceled for screenshots. 


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♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

According to HITC, she apologized after she used the N-word in their conversation. The screenshot was allegedly from a conversation that they had a few years ago. You can see her drama; it has been explained on HITC. 

Moving on to her age, Onlyjayus is 22 years as of 2021.

Nevertheless, she is from LA. Hence, her nationality is American.

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