Beau Biden Son Age, Birthday, How Old Is Robert In 2020

Robert Biden II: Beau Biden’s Son Age, Birthday, How Old Is Robert In 2020?

Robert Biden II: Beau Biden’s Son Age, Birthday, How Old Is Robert In 2020?

Robert Biden II is a celebrity kid who has been in the headlines for being Beau Biden‘s son. When he was just 9 years old, a tragedy happened in his life when his beloved father left this world. However, his other family members have not let him feel alone even once. 

Name Robert Biden II
Birthday 2006
Age 14 years
Gender Male
Height 5 feet
Weight 48 kg
Nationality American
Parents Beau Biden and Hallie Biden
Siblings Natalie Biden
Married/Single Single
Education In school

How old is Robert Biden II in 2020? Born in the year 2006, if we calculate his age, he is exactly 14 years old today. Where does Robert Biden II go to school? People who love the Biden family want to know everything about them but sadly, this information remains hidden. Very recently, we got to see him reciting the pledge of allegiance along with his other cousins in the 2020 Democratic National Convention

10 Facts on Robert Biden II:

  1. Robert Biden II’s exact birthday is not actually known and along with that, we have no idea about his body measurements. 
  2. However, we do know that he stands at a height of 5 feet exactly.
  3. Moreover, we have found out that he is not the only child of his parents as he has an elder sister named Natalie Biden
  4. Furthermore, his mother’s name is Hallie Biden who even dated his uncle, Hunter Biden.
  5. Although not much is known about him, he can be recognized as one of Joe Biden‘s grandchildren.
  6. Also, we have figured out his weight which is around 48 kg as posted by Married Wiki.
  7. Born and raised in the United States, he is of American nationality, for sure.
  8. Talking about his physical body, Robert is usually recognized with his brown hair and brown eyes.
  9. Since he is just a kid, we are pretty much sure that we cannot find him on any social media right now.
  10. Although his interests in politics aren’t known to us, we are sure that he has been supporting his grandfather, Joe Biden in the presidential election.  

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