Ben Osborn Pfizer Age, Salary Wife Wikipedia And Net Worth

How Old Is Ben Osborn Pfizer? Age And Salary Revealed

How Old Is Ben Osborn Pfizer? Age And Salary Revealed

Ben Osborn is the managing director of Pfizer, whose age is not known to the media. Read below to learn about Ben’s salary as a managing director.

Ben has worked at Pfizer for more than 20 years. He was promoted as a managing director of Pfizer in December 2018.

Ben Osborn From Pfizer Age

Ben Osborn’s age is not known to the media. 

We do know that Ben graduated in 1998. So, this might give a clue to how old he could be now.

Ben Osborn Salary

Ben Osborn’s salary is not revealed.

Though Glassdoor has mentioned that the executive director has a base pay of around $284,961/yr.

Does Ben Osborn Have a Wife?

Ben Osborn is married to his wife, Nicola. 

As a family, Ben and Nicola also have three children together.

Does Ben Osborn Have Wikipedia?

Ben Osborn does not have a Wikipedia page.

We will cover more about his background.

Ben Osborn is from the United Kingdom.

He received a degree in BSc in Physiology and Sports Science from Leeds University.

His professional career leaped when he moved to Oncology in 2007.

Ben’s ability of scientific, customer, and commercial skills helped him to excel in the field.

Afterwards, he joined the Regional EU Commercial team in Pfizer Oncology and became its UK head in 2012.

In January 2016, Ben was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer at Pfizer Innovative Health.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, he led the marketing organization across places like Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Additionally, he has experience across multiple disease areas, including vaccines, oncology, and speciality medicines.

He is passionate about developing a solid organizational culture and mindset.

He aims to ensure that more patients continue to benefit from the innovation and science of the company.

In December 2018, he was appointed as the UK Country Manager and Managing Director for Pfizer UK.

Ben Osborn Net Worth 

Ben Osborn’s net worth is also not revealed publicly.

As a managing director of a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation, he should have an astounding net worth.

He has been successfully managing and leading the organization in the UK for many years now.

The UK was the first country to approve the use of the Pfizer vaccine amid the global pandemic.

Approximately 45 million people in the UK have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Similarly, 33.2 million people have already received their second dose of immunization.

Besides, Ben joined Twitter in October 2011 and is pretty active on the platform.

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