Benita Oberlander Wikipedia Age – Where Is Marv Albert’s Ex Wife Now?

Benita Oberlander Update: Where Is Marv Albert’s Ex Wife Now?

Benita Oberlander Update: Where Is Marv Albert’s Ex Wife Now?

Benita Oberlander or Marv Albert ex wife divorced him when he was 51 years of age. Find Benita on Wikipedia now.

Benita is the former wife of Marv Albert. Marv is a former NBA sportscaster who retired in May 2021.

Benita Oberlander Marv Albert Ex-Wife

Benita Oberlander is Marv Albert’s ex-wife.

Oberlander and Albert had married in 1965. Soon, the pair ended their marriage after 27 years in 1992. Benita and Albert have four children. Kenny and Brian are the sons, while Denise and Jackie are the daughters.

Albert is a Basketball Hall of Fame honoree who is widely regarded as the voice of baseball. Also, he served as the lead announcer for NBA matches on TNT for years.  Marv mostly worked covering professional and college basketball games.

On the other hand, he has also called other sports like ice hockey, Football, boxing, and many more.

In fact, Albert retired in May 2021 after the 2020-21 season came to an end. Overall, he had covered eight Super Bowls and nine NBA Finals in his career. Marv had begun his career in 1962 after graduating from New York University.

He is from Brooklyn, born to a Jewish family.

Benita Oberlander Wikipedia: Where Is She Now?

Benita Oberlander is not on Wikipedia as of now.

But she is mentioned on Albert’s Wikipedia bio as his ex-wife. Also, she has her name on the Wikipedia page of her son Kenny. Sadly, we could not have our hands on the professional background of Benita.

There is no information on what she does for a living. Actually, Benita had appeared in a show Moms in 2015 alongside her daughter Denise. We are not quite sure where Oberlander is now.

Marv married Heathe Faulkner in September 1998 after divorcing Benita. The two had started dating shortly after Albert ended his first wedding.

Benita Oberlander Age: How Old Is She?

Benita Oberlander’s age is over 76 years old.

Oberlander has her birthday celebrations on August 14 every year. Her ex-husband Marv has reached 80 years of age now. Oberlander has not mentioned much about her childhood and parents.

Benita Net Worth

Benita’s net worth is a mystery for now.

Her net worth and earning details are hard to guess as there is no clue about her profession. Besides, her ex-partner Marv has a net worth of around $25 million.

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