Bette Bright Age, Suggs Wife Wikipedia, Net Worth And Children

How Old Is Suggs Wife Bette Bright Now? Everything To Know

How Old Is Suggs Wife Bette Bright Now? Everything To Know

Bette Bright age has piqued the public attention after Suggs opened up about his wife deadly battle with cancer.

Bright is a well-known rock singer based in England. And, she is recognized for her involvement with the Deaf band.

Later, she went solo with her backing band and named it “The Illuminations.”

Moreover, her solo Hello, I Am Your Heart is one of the biggest hits of the 1980s and even entered the UK Singles Chart.

Suggs Wife: Betty Bright Age And Wikipedia

Betty Bright’s age is estimated to be in the late 50s.

Though her exact age and date of birth are not revealed, we assumed her age based on her recent pictures.

Though Betty Bright’s bio is documented on Wikipedia, it is mainly focused on her career only, ad very little about her personal life is revealed.

So, Betty was born in Kent, England, with her real name being Anne Martin.

Moreover, she met her husband, Suggs, in the course of her musical journey.

Suggs is an eminent musical personal who is known as the lead singer of the famous band Madness. Also, his real name is Graham McPherson.

The couple fell in love and got married in 1981, as per Suggs Wikipedia.

Recently, the couple came into highlights after Suggs revealed how his wife’s battle with great cancer made him take care of his own health.

Find Her Net Worth

Bright’s net worth is expected to be in the millions.

However, if we are to be precise about the exact figure on her earnings, unfortunately, the information is still under review.

Nevertheless, we are confident that she has been living her retired life comfortably.

Does She Have Children?

Yes, Betty Bright does have children who are adults now.

Betty Bright and Suggs are blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, Scarlett and Viva McPherson.

As of now, Betty even has grandchildren.

Meet Her On Twitter

Betty Bright is available on Twitter under the handle @MissBetteBright.

She joined the platform in 2009 and has 703 people following her tweet.

However, the singer has not been active on the platform recently.

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