Beverley Turner Boyfriend Age, Job, Net Worth And Instagram

James Pritchett: Get To Know Beverley Turner Boyfriend

James Pritchett: Get To Know Beverley Turner Boyfriend

James Pritchett has been widely recognized as Beverley Turner‘s boyfriend since Beverly split with her ex-husband James Cracknell. Well, like us- you also might have noticed that Beverley’s ex-partner and present partner both share the same initial name!

Quick Facts: James Pritchett: Get To Know Beverley Turner Boyfriend

Name James Pritchett
Age 33 years
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Eco House Developer
Married/Single In a relationship with Beverley Turner

If you have no idea who Beverley Turner is, let us tell you that she is a well-known television and radio presenter. Even though Beverly and Cracknell split after 17 years of their marriage, it seems that she is pretty much happy with her new life with her new partner.

10 Facts On James Pritchett:

  1. James Pritchett is well-known as Beverley Turner‘s boyfriend and the interesting fact about their love is that they started dating just 6 months after Beverley had got divorced with James Cracknell
  2. As per Daily Mail, James Pritchett’s age is 14 years less than that of his girlfriend. Since Beverley is 47 years old, it’s clear that he is 33 years old right now.
  3. Speaking about James Pritchett’s job, he is a professional eco-house developer. 
  4. As an eco-house developer, James Pritchett definitely has a good salary. Unfortunately, we are unknown for his net worth at the moment.
  5. Although James Pritchett’s pictures can be easily found on his girlfriend’s Instagram profile, we are sorry to inform you that he has not got an Instagram page of his own.
  6. Well, there is nothing really to know about Pritchett’s family members at this time. 
  7. According to The Sun, the couples were introduced to one another via a mutual friend.
  8. Moreover, his present girlfriend shares a total of three children with her ex-husband Cracknell – two daughters and one son. As his girlfriend, even James is of British nationality and has lived in the UK since he was born.
  9. Currently, he has been working as an associate member at Ssassy Property

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