Bianca Carelli Age, Height And Instagram: Santino Marella Daughter

How Old Is Santino Marella Daughter Bianca Carelli?

How Old Is Santino Marella Daughter Bianca Carelli?

Santino Marella Daughter Bianca Carelli is already a star at a young age. Her father is seen sharing her picture to give her the recognition she deserves.

Carelli is a pro-wrestler and recognized as Santino Marella’s daughter. Santino is a Canadian retired professional wrestler, sports analyst, and former Mixed Martial artist.

Santino is seen publicizing her daughter recently through Twitter and Instagram. He sent a tweet to executives TripleH and StepMcMahon urging them to take a look at Bianca.

Bianca Carelli Age and Height

Bianca Carelli age is between 20-25. 

Her exact date of birth is unknown for now.

Bianca just finished her biology degree this summer and is ready to shine.

Furthermore, Bianca Carelli height seems to be around 5 feet 6 inches, as per our approximation.

Also, Santino mentioned that he has been coaching his daughter since day one to be a total superstar.

Furthermore, she also has a sibling, whose name is unknown.

Meet Santino Marella Daughter On Instagram

Santino’s daughter Bianca Carelli is on Instagram with a huge number of followers.

You can find her under the username @biancaasophiaa. Currently, she has accumulated more than 10k fans on the platform.

As per her Instagram bio, she is a pro-wrestler and a certified PT and Nutritionist as well.

Also, she won the Miss Teen Ontario-World pageant in 2013, according to the source.

Marella’s daughter is seen with frequent posts about her wrestling journey on Instagram.

Apart from that, she is also on Twitter with almost 10k followers.

She mentions that she is a second-generation pro-wrestler training at Battle Arts Academy.

What Is Bianca Carelli Net Worth?

Bianca Carelli net worth is under review.

She has just begun her journey in the wrestling career, and we don’t expect her worth to be above millions in so little time.

However, if she continues with the same spirit, we can definitely see her worth over millions within a decade.

Nonetheless, she is a host of Walk Thru ‘n’ try and BAA women’s champion, so we assume, she earns enough to be financially independent of her parents.

Furthermore, we know that her father Santino Marella’s networth is estimated to be $300 thousand, as per The Richest. He is one of the wealthiest wrestlers.

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