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Bill Birtles Age: 10 Facts To Know About

Bill Birtles Age: 10 Facts To Know About

Bill Birtles is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s China Correspondent at who recently made the news as he had to escape China. It is said that he was no longer deemed safe within the country. 

Name Bill Birtles
Age 34
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Journalist
Twitter billbirtles

He along with Mike Smith was part of a standoff between police in the country who demanded an interview with the reporters. They had spent more than 5 days in Australian diplomatic territory before they flew back to Sydney. 

10 Facts on Bill Birtles

  1. Bill Birtles has not revealed anything about his wife but he might be married in secret. A lot of his information is secret to protect him due to his job. 
  2. While Bill has not revealed his age but according to some online estimates, he is in his early 30s. 
  3. The journalist has not revealed information about his parents or family as well. He was raised in Canberra where he went to Canberra Grammar School
  4. Bill’s salary has not been revealed as of September 2020 but he is most probably one of the highest-paid journalists at ABC due to the risk of his job.  
  5. Bill Birtles has been ABC’s China correspondent and had been based in Beijing since 2015, covering some of the biggest stories of recent years, including the rise of Chinese President Xi Jinping. 
  6. He was detained in China by the government in a case that shook Australia-China relations.
  7. One of the most controversial things he covered is the tracking of smartphones of Chinese citizens even after the pandemic was controlled in China. 
  8. Bill is active on social media on Twitter but he doesn’t have a verified Instagram as of September 2020.
  9. Birtles and his partner Smith were the last journalists working for Australian media organizations in China. 
  10. He does not have a Wikipedia page yet but these facts might have helped you get information about the star journalist. 

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