Billy Dawson Age Height, Job And Instagram Bio

Who Is Billy Dawson From The Circle?

Who Is Billy Dawson From The Circle?

Billy Dawson is amongst the nine players who are appearing in the third season of The Circle.

There are two main reasons Billy Dawson was attracted to the show. The first is the prize money, of course, while the second is that he is quite impressed with The Circle‘s uniqueness. 

Who Is Billy Dawson The Circle Player? His Bio Unveiled

Unlike other players, Billy Dawson has appeared as himself. Joined the first episode of The Circle, he exits from the show in the 8th episode.

Well-known as a reality star, Billy’s main tactic in the show is to be friends with all the other players. He believes that he will remain on top of the show until the end.

Billy Dawson Age Revealed

According to Wikipedia, Billy Dawson’s current age is just 19 years old. Well, he is the youngest contestant as most of the other players are above 20 years.

Originally from Essex, he is of British nationality. We have not encountered his ethnicity yet. He wants to show everyone in the show that he is up for a laugh and fun.

Billy Dawson Height: How Tall Is He?

Right now, we aren’t sure about Billy Dawson’s height. As he is young, his height is surely going to increase in the future.

After his appearance in The Circle, his fame has definitely gone high. He remains happy to be a part of the show.

Everything On His Job

According to Telly Mix, Billy Dawson’s job is Sports Marketing Manager. Currently, he works at Project11 Sports as their International Marketing Manager.

He had attended Barking & Dagenham College, where he pursued Electronics Engineering. His first job was as a Customer Service Specialist at McDonald’s. He had also worked at Carter Haynes as their sales team leader.

Is He On Instagram?

Well, we can’t find Billy Dawson on Instagram. However, he was previously active as @billdawson01.


##thecircle @c4thecircle

♬ original sound – BillDawson


Currently, we can find him on TikTok under the username of @billdawson01. He has over 200 followers, and his videos have crossed 290 likes already.

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