BoomerNA Age, Face, Nationality, and Net Worth: How Old?

BoomerNA Age And Face Revealed: Facts To Know

BoomerNA Age And Face Revealed: Facts To Know

BoomerNA’s age and face reveal: Here is everything you need to know about Twitch star. 

BoomerNA is popular for Minecraft Streams in Twitch and Youtube. The streamer famous for using the cartoons of frog face recently revealed his face through his YouTube video “BOOMERNA L DANCES IN OUTCAST.”

Quick Facts:

Name BoomerNA
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer
Twitter @BoomrNA
Youtube BoomerNA

10 Facts About BoomerNA

  1. BoomerNA revealed his face on the 3rd of February, 2021, through his YouTube video “BOOMERNA L DANCES IN OUTCAST.” Prior to that, he used frog faces on his pictures on Twitch. He is also famously known as Frog King. Since then, he has been creating a lot of buzz on the internet.
  2. BoomerNA has amassed 54.4k followers (as of March 4, 2021) on his Twitch account. Besides his excellent gameplay, he is also famous for interacting with his live stream viewers on the platform.
  3. How old is BoomerNA? BoomerNA has not revealed his real age till now. However, judging from his appearance, he seems to be in his early 20s.
  4. BoomerNA’s nationality is American. Though the exact place where he lives is not known.
  5. BoomerNA’s net worth is contributed by his streaming career. But the actual figure is to be updated soon.
  6. Through his successful streaming, he has become an idol for many youngsters. He has started selling his official merch designed by Merch Gardens, with free shipping inside the USA.
  7. He has more than 26.6k followers on his Twitter account. He posts about his gameplay, his official merch as well as anime on the platform.
  8. BoomerNA has kept his dating life a secret, as there is no information on his girlfriend or ex-girlfriends.
  9. BoomerNA describes himself as Frog king, Smartest Man Alive, and FROGCHAMP SICKOMODE POGGERS Minecrafter on his Twitter bio.
  10. BoomerNa is also active on TikTok under the same username. He does not use Instagram or other social media besides Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch, and he has not revealed his real name yet.

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