Boxbox Age, Real Name, GIrlfriend And Net Worth

Who Is Boxbox Twitch? Age And Facts To Know

Who Is Boxbox Twitch? Age And Facts To Know

Boxbox is a Chinese American Twitch streamer. He is famous for his comedic sound effects during his streams. Boxbox started streaming League of Legends and has played Poppy. His current favorite champion is Riven.

Boxbox keeps his viewers entertained by playing card games at the end of few streams and he created unique games for his chat. Boxbox attended three Twitch Rivals tournaments even though he never went pro. He became famous because of the high advertisement of his streams on Reddit.

Quick Facts: Who Is Boxbox Twitch? Age And Facts To Know

Name Boxbox
Birthday June 17, 1996
Age 24
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch star
Net Worth $500k
Married/Single In a relationship
Instagram @notboxbox
Twitter @BoxBox
Youtube Boxbox

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Boxbox 

  1. Boxbox was born on June 17, 1996. His current age is 24 years.
  2. Boxbox’s real name is Albert “Sun” Zheng. The Twitch star was born and raised in the USA. Zheng’s nationality is American and his ethnicity is Chinese.
  3. The net worth of Boxbox is estimated to be around $500k. The earning and salary details of Zheng have not been revealed yet.
  4. Boxbox is dating Annie. They recently celebrated their seven-year anniversary on November 20, 2020. His girlfriend, Annie is also a Twitch streamer with 65.8k followers on Twitch.
  5. He has 236.9k followers on his Twitter account. Boxbox joined the platform in April 2013 and has over 3.9k tweets as of January 2021.
  6. Boxbox has 1.8 million followers on Twitch. He began streaming on Twitch at the age of 14 and went full time at the age of 17.
  7. His Youtube account has more than 1.29 million subscribers. Boxbox joined Youtube in July 2011 and has over 250.1 million total views.
  8. He has 70.2k followers on Instagram. Boxbox usually uploads his Twitch highlights on Instagram. His Instagram bio says he is Albert and he plays Riven. 
  9. Boxbox began streaming full time after he graduated high school in 2014 and he did not attend college.
  10. He enjoys cosplay and has participated in more than 15 cosplays so far. Boxbox’s most beloved cosplays are Star Guardian Soraka, Arcade Riven, KDA, and many more.

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