Brandi Levy Parents Age And Instagram

Who Is Brandi Levy? Meet The High-School Cheerleader On Instagram

Who Is Brandi Levy? Meet The High-School Cheerleader On Instagram

Brandi Levy of age 18 and her parents had sued her school for violating her rights to speech. What happened? Know here.

Despite being just a teen, Brandi has been fiercely fighting for the student’s free speech rights.

The teen is now on the highlights after the supreme court has decided to hear her case in 2021.

So, the Supreme Court battle over schools and free speech is sparked by Brandi Levy’s Snapchat.

Continue reading to abridge your curiosity about the case.

Brandi Levy Parents

Brandi Levy’s parents are very supportive.

Like anyone’s parents, they too have been supporting Brandi in every step of her life.

Currently, they are supporting their daughter fight a case against her school in the supreme court.

She and her parents sued Mahanoy Area High School in 2017 for violating her free speech rights.

Her Age: How Old?

Brandi Levy age is 18 years currently.

The details on her exact date of birth are unrevealed, but as per our calculations, her birth year must be 2003.

Cheerleader Supreme Court Case: What Happened?

The cheerleader case is being heard at the supreme court now.

Brandy Levi, a high school cheerleader sued her high school back in May 2017.

What did Bradly say actually? Brandly claims to be upset and made a Snapchat post saying F-school, F-cheerleading with a photo raising her middle finger.

Miss Levi was then suspended from her high school cheerleading team for a year for sending swearing Snapchat posts to her friend and violating the school’s rule, reported Daily Mail.

She then sued her school saying she should not be punished for a speech outside of school hours.

She claims her free school rights have been violated.

As of 23rd June 2021, the supreme court defended her right to free speech, saying that her off-school statements were protected under the First Amendment.

Is Brandi Levy On Instagram?

Brandi Levy’s Instagram account is undiscovered.

However, she has been gaining a lot of support from the platform.

Various hashtags are also created in Brandi’s support.

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