Brandi Redmond Husband Cheating Video

Bryan Redmond: Did Brandi Redmond Husband Cheated On Her? Details Inside

Bryan Redmond: Did Brandi Redmond Husband Cheated On Her? Details Inside

Bryan Redmond video of him cheating on his wife Brandi has made the RHOD episodes spicier. Lets learn more.

Bryan is known for being the husband of Brandi Redmond. Brandi is a popular TV personality and an actress.

Bryan Redmond Video: Brandi Redmond Husband Cheating 

Bryan Redmond was caught in a video cheating his wife, Brandi.

Brandi’s husband appeared to be with another woman in a club. In fact, Bryan had his hand wrapped around the leady and kissed her.

The video was reportedly shot in a Las Vegas club around three years ago.

An Instagram account named @bravoandcocktails posted Bryan’s viral video at first.

Later, the video stormed the social media as many accounts reposted and shared it. 

Andy Cohen, the producer of RHOD, asks Brandi about her husband’s incident.

Brandi accused LeeAnne Locken of sharing the video. She said she has been getting headaches because of the video.

Who is Brandi Redmond Husband Cheating With?

Not much is known about the lady Brandi Redmond’s husband is cheating with.

The lady on the video has tattoos on her arm. 

As a matter of fact, the rumor about Brandi’s husband cheating on her came way before the video got viral.

In fact, a woman said on social media that she had physical relations with a husband of Real Housewives of Dallas.

The lady said she met the man in a club and picked a hotel to stay together.

Then, the two had physical relations in the hotel after the man paid for it. However, she had not revealed who the husband was.

What is Bryan’s Net Worth?

Bryan Redmond reportedly has a net worth of $800 thousand.

The Redmond couple has appeared on the Real Housewives of Dallas since the very first season.

Besides, Bryan is the founding principal at Suntex Marinas, where he still serves.

Also, he used to work as a licensed Real Estate Broker before that.

Bryan earned a Bachelors’s degree in Business Administration from the South-Western University. The guy is 42 years old now.

Do They Have Children?

Bryan Redmond has four children with his wife, Brandi.

The three of them are daughters, Brooklyn, Brinkly, and Brilynn. Bruin is their son, who they adopted in 2017.

Bryan and Brandi met for the first time in high school. The two married in 2003.

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