Brandon Scott Hole Religion Race And Parents: FedEx Shooter Ethnicity

FedEx Shooter Brandon Scott Hole Indianapolis: Is He Sikh?

FedEx Shooter Brandon Scott Hole Indianapolis: Is He Sikh?

Brandon Scott Hole was a suspect in the FedEx shooting. Get to know his religion and race along with his age and parents. 

Yet another mass shooting takes place in the United States, this time at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis. The rampage left at least 8 people dead and tens of people injured as a young man opened fire on Thursday. 

The suspect was identified as Brandon Scott Hole. 

Brandon Scott Hole Religion And Race

Brandon Scott Hole’s religion or race remains yet to surface. 

An American by nationality, his ethnicity is unknown until now. There is no idea on whether he is a Sikh or not. 

The law enforcement investigators have not exposed his face or provided any further details on his family. They did share the name of the suspect after more than 12 hours of the shooting. 

As per the sources, the federal police investigated his house on Friday morning. It seems like the suspect was going through a mental breakdown. 13 Investigates broke the news of the suspect’s reveal. 

Brandon Scott Hole Parents And Family

There is no reliable information about Brandon Scott Hole’s parents and family to date. 

Despite already having an encounter with the suspect more than a year before, they do not have any details on his family.

Brandon came into the eyes of local police in 2020. He called 911 and stated that he was having suicidal thoughts. Upon further investigations, it was cleared that Hole did buy a shot a few hours before. 

However, he was taken to the hospital. But this time around, he shot himself after he killed eight people at the FedEx facility. 

Brandon Scott Hole Age: How old?

Brandon Scott Hole was just 19 years of age. 

It is quite convincing that the teenager snapped and had a history of mental issues. However, police have not revealed any further details on the shooting including the type of gun and motive behind it. 

Eight people were killed in the shooting before the gunman took his own life. He left more than 60 people injured as well. 

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