Brenda Wamala Age Family And Death: Katumba Wamala Daughter

Katumba Wamala Daughter Brenda Wamala Was Shot: Everything You Need To Know

Katumba Wamala Daughter Brenda Wamala Was Shot: Everything You Need To Know

General Katumba Wamala daughter Brenda Wamala was shot to death on Tuesday morning. She was shot by unknown gunmen. Let us delve into her family background.

Brenda Wamala is the daughter of Katumba Wamala aka Edward Katumba Wamala. He is a Ugandan general serving as Minister of Works and Transport since December 2019.

The heartbreaking death news of Gen’s daughter in an assassination attempt on the general’s life. As per the records, the car where she was onboard piloting the land crusher. The car was shot multiple times, and his beloved daughter and car driver found dead on the spot.

Brenda Wamala: Katumba Wamala Daughter 

Brenda was well known as the daughter of Ugandan general Katumba Wamala. 

It was certainly devastating news for the Wamala family.  

According to The Bridge, The target was Brenda’s father, but her daughter took the bullets. She is no more in this world. The news was circulated in each and every news channel today.

Not much is shared about Brenda’s mother now. We will let you know once the information is made public.

Brenda Wamala Family Details

Brenda’s father and mother’s name is Katumba Wamala and Catherine Wamala. Her family is having a tough time right now.

The lovely pair tied the knot in 1987. They have six children, five girls, and one son.

Moreover, Benda’s age and date of birth are yet to share on the web.

However, her nationality is Uganda as she hails from Uganda.

We can see the latest video at the given link. 

Brenda Wamala Obituary Announced Via Twitter

Brenda’s obituary death news has been circulated via Twitter and daily magazines.

We can see how the father and daughter were heading towards the house. Nobody knew that it was her last day on the earth.

An investigation is going on. Sooner or later, the culprit will be punished by the police of Uganda. 

Nothing is known about Brenda’s boyfriend now. She may or may not have any partner.


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