Bri Springs Mom Age, Instagram And Family Facts

Lauren Stoppelbein: Meet Bachelor Bri Springs Mom On Instagram

Lauren Stoppelbein: Meet Bachelor Bri Springs Mom On Instagram

The Bachelor contestant, Bri Springs talks about her mom, Lauren Stoppelbein, and her struggles. She made a decent mark in her first solo date with Matt James talking about her mother and family. 

Bri Springs is already a contestant to watch out for as she has already won the hearts of many fans. Time will tell whether or she will be able to win Matt James’s heart.  

Quick Facts: Lauren Stoppelbein: Meet Bachelor Bri Springs Mom On Instagram

Name Lauren Stoppelbein
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Aesthetic Practice Manager
Married/Single Single
Children Bri Springs

Moreover, Lauren Stoppelbein is her mother. Lauren was just a teenager when she gave birth to Bri. The bachelor star was raised by her teen mom and her grandmother. However, her mother has finally found a partner and she wishes to find herself one in The Bachelor. 

Here are a few facts to know about Lauren Stoppelbein.

10 Facts on Lauren Stoppelbein

  1. Lauren Stoppelbein is famous for being the mother of a reality tv star, Bri Springs. 
  2. Bri Springs is currently a contestant on the 25th edition of The Bachelor. The ABC reality show premiered on January 4. 
  3. Moreover, reality tv contestant is currently 24 years old. However, Lauren Stoppelbein has not shared her age yet.
  4. But Lauren Stoppelbein does have an Instagram presence. She has over 1500 followers on Instagram. 
  5. Unfortunately, she doesn’t prefer to give anything away about her. Hence, her Insta account is private. 
  6. As for her family, Lauren Stoppelbein gave birth to her daughter, Bri when she was a teenager. 
  7. Moreover, she was pregnant with another child. But nothing much is known about her baby at the moment. 
  8. Moving on, Lauren Stoppelbein is not married yet but engaged to her boyfriend. But nothing much is known about her to-be-husband either. 
  9. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography and understandably so. 
  10. Her daughter, Bri Springs is one of the favorite contestants of Matt James’ The Bachelor. Her first date was quite beautiful.  

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