Brian Wood MC Wikipedia Age, Wife: Who Is Danny Boy?

Who Is Danny Boy Brian Wood? Get To Know The Former Army Boy

Who Is Danny Boy Brian Wood? Get To Know The Former Army Boy

Brian Wood led the Battle of Danny Boy and was awarded MC from the queen. However his story met with many ups and downs.

BBC has finally released its long-awaited drama Danny Boy. The show is based on the real-life events of veteran Brian Wood.

It is one of the biggest dramas that surrounded the UK for over a decade. 

Brian Wood MC Wikipedia: Who Is Danny Boy?

Brian Wood was award MC for the Danny Boy battle.

Wood has a Wikipedia. 

When he was just 24 years old, he the part of an Iraqi fight called the Battle of Danny Boy. Around 28 Iraqi Mahdi Army lost its lives in the battle. On the other hand, England suffered no human casualty.

Brian won the prestigious Military Cross after the battle.

However, the whole story turned upside down after an allegation. One of the Mahdi Army victims’ uncles named Khuder Al-Sweady alleged Brain Wood of torture and imprisonment.

The claims led to 13 years of a legal battle between the two parties. It even cost £31 million for the inquiry.

Eventually, the allegations later turn out to be completely false. 

Brian Wood Age

Brian Wood’s age is 40 years old.

The veteran enrolled himself in the army at an early age.

As a fact, he served in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment for over 17 years alone.

Furthermore, he returned from the military base of Iraq in 2004.

However, as soon as he returned to England, Wood had to get involved in the legal case. The same case was later labeled as “the product of deliberate lies.” 

Meet His Wife and Family

Brian Wood’s wife is Lucy Wood.

Lucy and Brian have been married for many years now. She supported Brian through his both thick and thin. Likewise, Brian Wood lives with his 2 children and spouse now.

Though the case was closed, Wood suffered from mental health problems.

In 2019, he even wrote a book titled “Double Crossed: A Code of Honour, A Complete Betrayal” to provide his side of the story. 

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