Bridgid Coulter Wikipedia Age And Net Worth

Don Cheadle Wife Bridgid Coulter And Family – Everything To Know

Don Cheadle Wife Bridgid Coulter And Family – Everything To Know

Bridgid Coulter is popular as Don Cheadle wife. Please continue reading to learn about his Wikipedia age and net worth.

Bridgid is an actress credited in around 18 different shows. She is famous for her roles in Rosewood, Westworld, and Martin.

Moreover, she is a producer as well. However, she has produced just one short movie, Brought To You By Satan.

Meet Bridgid Coulter Don Cheadle Wife

Bridgid Coulter is the wife of the world-famous actor, Don Cheadle.

Don is famous for James Rhodes, aka War Machine, in the popular media franchise Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Moreover, he is also popular for Hotel Rwanda, House of Lies, and Ocean’s Twelve.

Interestingly, Don revealed that he married Bridgid recently when he appeared in the Ellen Show. However, the couples had tied the knot in early 2020.

Reportedly, Don and Bridgid had been together for almost 28 years. Surprisingly, the guest host, Wanda Sykes, already knew about their wedding.

Don had hidden about their marriage only to the general public. Now, he and his wife have received thousands of messages on their social media.

Furthermore, the couples have two children together. Both of them are daughters – Ayana and Imani.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Bridgid Coulter’s professional or personal details haven’t been embedded on Wikipedia yet.

Nevertheless, her bio can be found on her IMDb profile. The site claims that she was one of the performers in the 1994 television series, Murder, She Wrote.

With over 2.1 thousand followers, she is on Instagram as @simplybridgid.

Also, we can find her on Twitter, where she has about 381 followers.

Her Age Revealed

Bridgid Coulter current age is 52 years old.

Reportedly, she was born on August 2, 1968. She will celebrate her 53rd birthday a month later.

Right now, there’s nothing to focus on her maternal family. Nevertheless, she posts tons of pictures about her personal life on social media.

Her Net Worth Explored

Bridgid Coulter’s estimated net worth is around a million.

However, we aren’t sure about the exact about of her net worth. Indeed, she is living a luxurious life with her husband.

Speaking about Don, his net worth is over $35 million. Thus, the family of four does not have any economic problems at the moment.

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