Bristol City Age, Parents And Instagram

Alhaji Sesay Wikipedia: Former Bristol City Footballer Arrested

Alhaji Sesay Wikipedia: Former Bristol City Footballer Arrested

Alhaji Sesay Wikipedia explored and know about the Former Bristol City goalkeeper height, age, Instagram from the article below.

Alhaji Sesay is a young professional football player from Sierra Leone who is all over the internet nowadays for notoriety. He has been accused of a heinous crime. Moreover, he is being described as the “sexual predator” for the crime he committed.

Sesay was accused of two rapes and recently he was found guilty of one and cleared of another. The court has said that he used to use his charm and target random women in different nightclubs.

Is Alhaji Sesay On Wikipedia?

Despite being a known athlete, Alhaji Sesay Wikipedia is not available.

Sesay is a national team football player of Sierra Leone and he also used to play for the football team Bristol City as a goalkeeper. He has played the EFL Championship League.

Alhaji Sesay Age Revealed

Alhaji Sesay’s age is 23 years as of 2021.

He was born in the year 1998 and his birthday is on the 10th day of September. Moreover, he was born and raised in Sierra Leone and is Sierra Leonean in terms of nationality.

The information of his parents and family background is not available. As a result, his ethnicity is also unknown.

Sesay Height Details

Alhaji Sesay is 6 feet and 5 inches tall in height which is about 1.97 meters. Moreover, in the recent weigh-in, his weight was 84 kg (185 lbs). Other body measurements are not available.

His Arrest and Charges

Alhaji Sesay was arrested in July 2019 for multiple charges of rape. He tried to rape a woman in the bathroom of Mbargo nightclub. The woman was managed to escape from him and get help from her friends and the nightclub’s staff.

According to the latest news, he has been sentenced to jail for 10 years on the count of two rape cases.

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