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Everything We Know About Burning Witches Band and Its Members

Everything We Know About Burning Witches Band and Its Members

The all-woman Swiss Heavy metal band, Burning Witches is one of the most popular music bands in Switzerland. Started by just a single girl, this band has gained several additions and endured many parting of its members.

But no matter what, Burning Witches typically consists of five members but just recently, their lead guitarist Sonia “Anubis” Nusselder parted ways with the gang. However, the band is ready to introduce a new member of Burning Witches soon. Curious about who the newest member, huh!

Here is everything we know about this heavy metal all-girl band Burning Witches and its current members.

What is Burning Witches?

Burning Witches is a Swiss heavy metal band formed in 2015 by the guitar player Romana Kalkuhl. They have released several songs, albums, and EPs on their hard metal category. Some of the most popular releases include Hexenhammer, Holy Diver, Black Widow, We eat your children, Creatures of the night, and many more.

Their most recent work was the song titled “Dance with the Devil”. It was released in February 2020 through the record label Nuclear Blast. This popular band also have their merch and sell different T-shirts and clothing through social media. 

Who are the members of Burning Witches in 2020?

The band Burning Witches of Brugg, Switzerland currently consists of four members. They are the lead vocalist Laura Guldemond, the drummer Lala Frischknecht, the Bassist Jeanine Grob, and the guitarist Romana Kalkuhl.

They also had other members who parted ways with the band and sing independently. Just recently, their lead guitarist Sonia Nusselder left the band on May 2020 and joined a new band called “Crypta”. The other past members of the band were Vocalist Seraina Telli (2015-2019) and guitarist Alea Wyss (2016-2018).

As mentioned in their website and Facebook post, the band had already found a member for their band who is going to be the newest witch into their coven. However, they have said that they need some more time to make sure she is ready and she is the right one before revealing her to the fans, a.k.a. “Witches Disciples”.

They claim that once they become the five-piece gang again after announcing their new lead guitarist, they will be ready to kick everyone’s asses and make history together by being the hottest Hard & Heavy export from Europe.

Here are further details about each cast member of this heavy metal band Burning Witches in 2020.

Romana Kalkuhl

Romana is the one who formed this and in 2015. She always dreamed of having an all-women heavy metal band and that’s what she did in reality also. Roma is a 30 years old musical artist from Switzerland. Romana is the guitarist in the band.

Laura Guldemond

Laura is the lead vocalist of the band Burning Witches. She is 32 years old who was born on July 31, 1988, in Gorinchem, Zuid Holland. Apart from being a singer/ songwriter, she is also a professional model.

Lala Frischknecht

Lala was born in Philipines and she is the drummer for the Switzerland based band Burning Witches. This musical artist was born in a music-loving family and she is a self-taught drummer. Her age is not revealed.

Jeanine Grob

Finally, next up is the bassist of Burning witches Jeanine Grob. She is also 30 years old and was born on Jun 4th, 1990. This witch is most popularly known as her stage name “Jay”.

The band is searching for the lead Guitarist after the dismissal of Sonia Nusselder. They seem to have already found the perfect member but she is yet to be revealed as of August 2020.

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