Cal The Dragon Tiktok Age, Real Name, Height Net Worth And Instagram

How Old is Cal The Dragon Tiktok? Age Revealed

How Old is Cal The Dragon Tiktok? Age Revealed

Cal The Dragon Age is being questioned by a lot of his fans and followers. Here’s what you should know about him.

Cal The Dragon is a social media personality who is best known for making football/soccer videos. Although he admits that he is a goalkeeper of Phoenix FC, we have not been able to find him on the club’s squad.

Cal The Dragon Age: How Old Is He?

Cal The Dragon’s age is under review.


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♬ original sound – Kayd Nissen

Since he has not published his birthday details, we are baffled about his current age. However, he has admitted that he has a goalkeeping experience of over 10 years. Thus, we believe that he is not less than 30 years old.

What Is His Real Name?

Even though he is called Cal, we have come to know that his real name is Callum.

However, his surname is yet to be known. If you look at his DP, Cal wears the #1 shirt, typical for a goalkeeper. However, according to Wikipedia, Andrew Weber wears the same shirt number for Phoenix FC. So, Callum doesn’t really play as their goal stopper.

Meet Him On TikTok

Actually, Cal The Dragon is a TikTok star with over 884.9 thousand followers on his official account.

In fact, his TikTok videos have already surpassed 19 million likes. Also, he is a YouTuber who has earned 14.3 thousand subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

Cal The Dragon: How Tall Is He?

Currently, we remain unknown about Cal The Dragon’s height.

Since he has not spoken anything about autism, we cannot call him autistic. In fact, none of his family members have appeared on the media. So, we remain clueless about is parents and siblings.

His Net Worth Explored

Cal The Dragon’s net worth is definitely in the thousands as he is just a social media personality.

According to his bio on private Facebook, he is currently single. Moreover, he also owns a Facebook page, where he has gained over 300 followers.

Is He On Instagram?

Cal The Dragon is on Instagram with over 46.3 thousand followers.

Furthermore, we can find him on Twitter, where he has at least 11.5 thousand followers.

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