Caleb Kennedy Hometown And Parents: KKK Viral Video Explained

Where Is Caleb Kennedy From? Did He Leave American Idol?

Where Is Caleb Kennedy From? Did He Leave American Idol?

Caleb Kennedy exits American Idol after his video made a huge backlash on social media. Here’s his viral video explained.

Caleb Kennedy is a Musical artist and American Idol Contestant. The singer announced his exit from the show after a viral selfie clip with a friend.

He announced his exit on his social media today on 13 May 2021. Here are details about him making this big decision.

Caleb Kennedy Hometown: Where Is He From?

American Idol Contestant Caleb Kennedy is from a very small town

His hometown is in the tiny Upstate South Carolina community of Roebuck.

Roebuck is not considered a town, it is a county area, located south of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Caleb Kennedy video: KKK Viral Video Explained

Caleb Kennedy most recently shared a video with his friend wearing the KKK-Style hood.

In the video, the singer was right next to his friend who was wearing a cone-shaped white-colored hood.

The outfit bore a resemblance to Ku Klux Klan– a white supremacist terrorist hate group formed in 1865.

Following this,  the singer received backlash from many on social media platforms.

After, doing so he also apologized for it on his Instagram post.

On which he wrote a lengthy apology to the furious users as shown below;

Prior to this, he also shockingly announced his exit from the American Idol.

Who Are His Parents? Family Details

American Idol Contestant Caleb Kennedy’s parents are Marvin Guy and Anita Guy

His parents got divorced when he was very young. Young Caleb managed to soothe his pain through music.

Caleb’s mother Anita married her second husband, who seems to support Kennedy for his singing career.

Moreover, Anita is also Caleb’s manager and his best friend, who has been helping him grow in the business.

Kennedy also has an elder sister named Hannah Bynum who is married and resides in Georgia.

Furthermore, the young singer has big support from his grandparents Rudy Blanton and Barbara Blanton.



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