Caleb Michael Whisnand Age Wikipedia Wife And Family

Caleb Michael Whisnand: What Did He Do? Details Inside

Caleb Michael Whisnand: What Did He Do? Details Inside

Caleb Michael Whisnand Age is a matter of concern after he is charged with killing his son.

Caleb is a murder suspect after the police found his dead child in a wooded area.

Reportedly, Caleb Michael Whisnand Jr. had been missing for the past couple of days. His parents were begging for help in public.

Caleb Michael Whisnand Age Revealed

According to The Sun, Caleb Michael Whisnand’s current age is 32 years old.

However, the site has not revealed his birthday details. If he has murdered his child, that’s a shame.

The police are trying to investigate more about the case. Hopefully, the investigators will solve this case and give the infant the right he deserves.

Is He On Wikipedia?

Since Caleb Michael Whisnand is not a celebrity, we cannot find him on Wikipedia.

We are unaware of his professional life.

Thus, we cannot confirm anything about his salary and net worth at the moment.

Already in his thirties, Caleb must be an educated man.

However, the act he recently conducted was unlikely of the education he received.

Who Is His Wife?

Caleb Michael Whisnand is married to his beautiful wife, Angela Gardner.

Sadly, Angela couldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10, 2021. She was devastated by the news of her missing child.

The worried mother couldn’t stand straight after she heard about the death of her son. 

According to Margaret Hope, Michael and Angela were on the verge of a divorce. She believes that the father killed his son in the rage of his wife going to leave him.

Everything About His Family

After a bad couple of days, Caleb Michael Whisnand’s family is devastated to hear the death of their newly-born member.

What shocked them is that his father killed him. The news is terrible to hear.

After murdering his son, Whisnand buried his body in a remote area. It’s doubtful for fathers to kill their children.

However, Michael has crossed his limits and deserves to be imprisoned.

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