Can Vladimir Guerrero Jr Speak English? Language Parents And Ethnicity

Can Vladimir Guerrero Jr Speak English? Language Spoken Causes Some Stir

Can Vladimir Guerrero Jr Speak English? Language Spoken Causes Some Stir

Can Vladimir Guerrero Jr Speak the English language? Yes, he is learning to speak English recently.

Guerrero Jr is a rising baseball star. He has been playing as a first baseman, third baseman and designated hitter for the Toronto Blue Jays since 2019.

However, there are many questions if the Canadian born knows English or not. In fact, Guerrero Jr speaks Spanish in most of his interviews. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Language Spoken: Can He Speak English? 

Yes, Vladimir Guerrero Jr can speak the english language – though he is not fluent yet.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr’s first language is Spanish. Therefore, he prefers to communicate with his mother tongue and answer questions with ease.

In most of his interviews, Vladimir is assisted by a translator. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t know English because he clearly understands the English-speaking interviewers. However, he is still learning to speak the language fluently.

According to the Blue Jays, they are helping Vladimir to improve his language skills lately. The baseball star has been reading, listening, and watching movies in English these days. 

Therefore, Guerrero Jr might be an English expert in no time. In fact, he answered few questions in English during his interview with Sportsnet last year. 

Besides, it doesn’t matter if he can speak any language nor not. What matters is the performance he shows in the field and he is undoubtedly good at it!

Meet Vladimir Geurrero Jr’s Parents

Vladimir Guerrero Jr was born to his parents Vladimir Guerrero Sr and Riquelma Ramos. 

However, Riquelma and Guerrero Sr are no longer together. Nonetheless, Riquelma is reportedly very good at the French language. 

His father, Guerrero Sr, is a former baseball legend and Hall of Famer. He made records in 16 MLB seasons with clubs like Montreal Expos, Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles. 

Guerrero Sr is Dominican born and raised. Unlike his son, he was not so fluent in English. In fact, he still needs a translator to help him in interviews. 

What is Vladimir Guerrero Ethnicity?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr belongs to the Dominican ethnicity.

His father moved to Canadian following his MLB prospect in 1993. Eventually, Vladimir Jr was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Therefore, Vladimir Guerrero Jr is actually of Canadian nationality.

Quebec is a predominately french-speaking area with a 94.6% population having the knowledge of the language. This also explains why the Blue Jay star has difficulties in English.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr is the dad of two lovely children. However, there are no details on Vladimir Guerrero Jr’s wife or kid mama.  

The 22 years old has kept his love life quite private.

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