Candice Blount Net Worth and Salary Facts

Brad Parscale’s Wife: Candice Blount Net Worth and Salary Facts

Brad Parscale’s Wife: Candice Blount Net Worth and Salary Facts

Brad Parscale’s wife has pretty much kept her life behind the curtains for god knows how long. Even though being maritally associated with a man who lives his life pretty much out in the open, she has hardly ever opened out. As a result, she has left people guessing about her.

Except for a few news headlines and public appearances, the world has not got the chance to see what kind of a person she is. So, there are many facts about her that the public would like to get to know about such as her net worth and salary facts.

Who is Brad Parscales’ Wife Candice Blount?

Brad Parscale is married to his lovely wife, Candice Blount. And, having been tied the knot to a famous political advisor, Candice has found herself into the spotlight quite a lot of times. However, she was not the first woman that Parscale has got married to.

Before he even met her, he had married a then-22 years of age woman. And, the two had welcomed their baby before their wedding took place. Nonetheless, after only a year of marriage, Parscale filed for divorce. And, they finally got divorced in the year 2007.


After that, he met Candice for whom he would fall in love eventually. Likewise, realizing the love that they had for one another, they decided to get married in 2012. And, it has been 8 years since their wedding.

Candice Blount Net Worth and Salary Facts

Before we talk about her net worth and salary, it is necessary to first know about her profession. While most people are aware that her husband, Brad Parscale worked for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, what Candice does is not known.

So, with no details of her profession, neither her net worth nor her salary is available at the moment. But, when it comes to her husband, Brad has an estimated net worth of around $12 million dollars as of 2020.


In the same way, his salary must be a hefty sum as well. Being a political advisor, he surely earns more than enough but it has not been revealed in exact figures sp far.

Who is Candice Blount Parents, Family, and Children?

Truth be told, the information on her parents has never found its way into the public and the media. So, most people have no idea about them or their whereabouts. Likewise, all that she has as a family is her husband, her child and two dogs now, for all we have known so far. The two have a daughter. 

However, Candice is not the biological mother of their daughter. As a matter of fact, she is the child of Brad and his first wife. And, she was born in the year 1999. So, she must be currently 21 years of age. In this way, the couple has not given birth to a child by now.


How Old is Candice Blount Age?

Her age remains a mystery even after all these years. Never has she mentioned how old she is in any of the interviews. This is why one cannot tell for sure what her age is. Nevertheless, she must be around the same age as her husband who is currently 44 years old.

So, our best guess is that she might be in her early 40s too. However, based on her looks, one might say that she looks younger than that.


Does Candice Have a Wikipedia Bio?

Unlike her husband, Candice Blount does not have a bio on the official page of Wikipedia. Therefore, you might have to dig a little deeper over the internet to get acquainted with her.

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