Candice Jimdar Age, Net Worth And Instagram: Bryshere Gray Wife

Who is Bryshere Gray Wife Candice Jimdar? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is Bryshere Gray Wife Candice Jimdar? Meet Her On Instagram

Bryshere Grays wife Candice Jimdar is a normal girl who is a student at the University of West Indies St Augustine campus. Read below to find more details about her and her husband Bryshere Gray.

She married Bryshere gray who is an American rapper and actor best known for his role as Hakeem Lyon in an American musical drama television series Empire.

Recently this couple has been in the limelight due to their relationship problems. Bryshere Gray was accused of domestic violence by his wife. Follow this article to find more information about the incident.

Candice Jimdar Age and Wikipedia

Candice jimdar’s actual age is still unknown. She was born in South Africa. 

later she moved to America and fell in love with the actor. There is no relevant information regarding her actual birth date.

Information regarding her family members and her parents is still not available.

Until now she hasn’t been featured on the Wikipedia page. But we hope after some time she will be featured on the Wikipedia page and we will be able to reveal all the details of her personal life.

Was Candice Jimdar Assaulted by Her Husband?

Yes, Candice Jimdar was assaulted by her husband Bryshere Gray.

Last year Bryshere Gray was accused of domestic violence.

According to the reports Bryshere Gray assaulted his wife for two hours. As per her complaint registered in the police station, Bryshere Gray assaulted and strangled his wife who eventually escaped the home running to a nearby gas station. 

After calling 911 in July of 2020 Candice Jimdar was eventually treated and released for injuries from the alleged assault.

Bryshere Gray was kept in Maricopa Country jail on charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

Is Candice Jimdar On Instagram? What is Her Account?

Candice Jimdar is not available on Instagram. There are many posts regarding her on Instagram especially after the problems between her and Bryshere Gray.

But Candice Jimdar is using her Twitter account. She hasn’t Tweeted a single post on her Twitter handle and has 46 followers. Her account is @Candy_Worlddd.

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