Candice McLeod Transgender Rumors – Partner, Age Height & Husband

Is Candice McLeod Transgender? Sexuality Explored

Is Candice McLeod Transgender? Sexuality Explored

Rumors on Candice McLeod being transgender have been spreading on the internet lately. Read the article to know more about her partner, and age.

Candice McLeod got second in the 400 meters race, which gave the ticket to be selected for the Tokyo Olympics. Currently, she won the 400m prelims which opened her gate to the semifinals. 

She also became the ninth Jamaican woman to compete in the 400 meters in under 50 seconds time. 

Candice McLeod Transgender Rumors- Is It True? 

No, Candice McLeod is not transgender, and the rumors are false. 

If she was transgender she would happily expose herself, and not hide anything about her sexuality. 

As there are many third genders, and other queer athletes participating at the 2020 Olympics, they must register their gender as one of those mentioned in the category. 

However, she has not ticked being transgender and is a young strong woman. 

According to New York Post which commented on the first time ever, a transgender Laurel Hubbard, “It isn’t a coincidence that the first transgender athlete to make an Olympic team is a biologically male weightlifter, now competing in the female division.”

Who Is Candice McLeod Partner? Does She Have A Husband? 

Candice McLeod has not revealed anything regarding her love life information. We do not know if she has a partner or someone special in her life. 

She doesn’t have a husband, and Candice is not at the age of getting married because she is still young. It would be her decision and choice about marriage if she wants to do it early or later. 

But, for now, she is unmarried, and could possibly be single. 

Candice is supported by her fellow Jamaican athlete, Shericka Jackson. She had given a shoutout to McLeod victory and gave a heartwarming message.  

They share a very good friendship bond and always express love for one another through their social media posts. 

Candice McLeod Age

Candice McLeod’s age is 24 years old. She was born on 15 November 1996. 

At the young age of 24, Candice has been recognized as an experienced athlete, competing in national and international events. 

Candice McLeod Height 

Candice McLeod stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall. 

Who Is Candice McLeod? 

Candice McLeod is a Jamaican professional track and field athlete, who is fearless and works hard in every competition. 

She studies at the  University of the West Indies.

According to, “McLeod has a strong support base, including both moms – Marcia (biological) and Shanikie Osbourne (high school coach). She has vowed to make them proud in Tokyo.”

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