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Walter Biot Biografia Wikipedia: Why Was Captain Biot Arrested?

Walter Biot Biografia Wikipedia: Why Was Captain Biot Arrested?

Who is Walter Biot? People are curious to gain some insights into his Biografia after the news of his arrest made headlines.

Walter Biot is one of the respected personnel based in Italy. His current assignment was with the Military Policy and Planning Office, the third department of the State above Defense. 

As of now, Biot is in prison and is accused of political and military espionage, procuring news about national security, and disseminating information banned from disclosure hangs.

Walter Biot Biografia

Walter Biot, born on May 23, 1966, is 54 years old as of 2021.

He was the captain of the frigate of the navy based in Italy.

Mr. Biot had quite a private personal life, so the information on his parents and education is unknown.

Moreover, talking about his current status, he got arrested a few days ago for spying on Italy’s confidential matter with the Russians. When interrogated, Walter claimed that he did it for his family. He also claims that he was wrong and must not have put his country at risk. 

Is He On Wikipedia?

No, Walter Biot is yet to have an official biografia on Wikipedia.

However, one can have enough knowledge about his bio through this article.

Walter Wife And Family

Mr. Biot is a married man with a wonderful family.

He is married to his wife Claudia Carbonara. The couple has been married for more than 2 decades now.

Talking about his family, Walter and Claudia are blessed with 4 children. The couple has 3 sons and a daughter.

Unfortunately, their daughter is suffering from a disease that requires a very large sum of money for treatment.

Why Was He Arrested?

As per BBC, Walter Biot was arrested for stealing/spying confidential material of Italy with the Russians.

He was arrested by the Carabinieri del Ros on 30 March 2021 along with proof of spying. The Russian military was also arrested along with him.

According to the source, spying is believed to be done in exchange for money. According to the judges, 181 classified papers may have been sold.

His Net Worth Explained

Mr. Biot has not yet revealed the exact figures on his net worth.

However, we assume that military personnel like him must have a pretty good income in Italy. 

Moreover, he made a monthly wage of €3,000.

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