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Who is Buffalo Police officer Cariol Horne? Everything To Know

Who is Buffalo Police officer Cariol Horne? Everything To Know

Cariol Horne’s story motivates everyone to fight for their justice. At a young age, she was inhumanly fired from her job. 

Though police brutality killed Goerge Floyd, officer Cariol Horne prevented the same event around 15 years ago. Horne stopped another police from choking the black man to death. However, she was fired from her job just before she was about her get her pension rights. 

Everything on Cariol Horne Story As The Buffalo Police Officer

Cariol Horne story starts as she used to be a Buffalo Police Officer once.

In 2006, Cariol Horne stopped a white police officer named Greg Kwiatkowski from killing a black man. According to reports, Greg was allegedly choking suspect Neal Mack following a confrontation. Fortunately, Horne arrived in time and stopped Greg’s action.


However, things went downhill for Cariol after the event. The Buffalo police department fired Horne for using unjustifiable force against Kwiatkowski. Moreover, the departure occurred just some months before Cariol was eligible for pension.

Cariol Horne Age and Wikipedia

Cariol age is around 53 years old.

Horne was born on November 20, 1967.  Likewise, she currently resides in Buffalo, New York. Thus, her nationality is American. Furthermore, she belongs to the black ethnicity. 

Cariol Horne’s Wikipedia profile is absent for now.

But, Cariol Horne does have a Twitter bio with @CariolHorne. She has over 3.6k followers on the social site. In her personal life, Cariol Horne has 5 children in her family. But, Cariol Horne’s current married status is not known. 

Her GoFundMe Account 

Cariol Horne set up a GoFundMe account to continue her fight.

In spite of her struggle, Cariol continued to fight for her justice. In 2014, she created a Gofundme account that raised over $165,692. This later helped the veteran police officer to pay her lawsuit bill. 


The New York court finally overruled her firing in 2021. On April 13, the court decided to provide Horne’s full pension. On the other hand, Greg was sentenced to 4 months in prison for using unlawful force against four black men. 

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