Carl DeMaio (Politician) Net Worth, Age, Education, Wife, and Salary

Carl DeMaio

Carl DeMaio

Carl DeMaio has been in the public limelight for quite a while now as he is an American politician. He served as a member of San Diego’s city council from the fifth district for four years, which started in 2008.

Along with being a politician, Carl is also the host of a podcast known as The Carl DeMaio Show, available on the US Spotify and Apple Podcasts. To help you know Carl more, here are 10 facts about Carl DeMaio

Quick Facts: Carl DeMaio

Name Carl DeMaio
Birthday September 14, 1974
Age 46
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Parents Carl Joseph DeMaio and Diane M. DeMaio
Married/Single Married
Wife Jonathan Hale
Instagram @carldemaioca
Twitter @carldemaio
Youtube carldemaioCA
Facebook Carl DeMaio

10 Facts about Carl DeMaio

  1. Since then, Carl DeMaio began his political journey in 2008 and has been a known figure of the USA’s political scene. Still, there is no information available on his net worth.
  2. Born on September 14, 1974, Carl DeMaio’s age of February 2021 is exactly 46 years old. His full name is Carl David DeMaio.
  3. He was born in Dubuque, Iowa, USA, and is a person of American nationality. His parents Carl Joseph DeMaio and Diane M. DeMaio, were teachers.
  4. Regarding his education, Carl is a well-educated man who has a degree in International Politics and Business from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.
  5. The handsome and charismatic Carl was suspected by many to hide his wife’s identity, but he came out as gay in 2008.
  6. In 2015 Carl entered a new chapter of his life when he married Hale Media owner Jonathan Hale. The couple has been together for almost six years.
  7. There is currently no information available regarding the salary he earns from his current political position and podcast.
  8. He has verified accounts with thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and he is an active user of the sites.
  9. Unlike many politicians, Carl also has a YouTube channel that has over 136k views in total.
  10. He is a member of the Republican party.

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