Carlton Lance And Angie Lance

Who Are Trey Lance Parents? Meet Carlton Lance And Angie Lance

Who Are Trey Lance Parents? Meet Carlton Lance And Angie Lance

Trey Lance is the fastest quarterback football player. His father Carlton was a former cornerback at Southwest Minnesota State and his mother Angie Lance grew up in Marshall. 

His father trained him, and he first played quarterback in middle school.

Trey Lance Age and Birthday

Currently, Trey Lance is 21 years old.

He was born on May 9, 2000, in Marshall, Minnesota. 

Find Lance on Instagram

The football player has over 74.7k followers in his verified Instagram account. 

He also has posted around 165 posts so far, and his posts are very admiring. He has pictures of his family, his game practice, and his vacation. 

Trey Lance Parents: Carlton and Angie

Lance’s parents Carlton Lance and Angie Lance, have two sons. One of them is himself, and the next is his younger brother Bryce, who has enrolled to play in 2021. 

Carlton and Angie both belong to different racial diversity. Carlton being black, and Angie being white. 

Carlton passed his legacy and passion for football towards his two sons Trey and Bryce. 


Lance played for two seasons of a standout in track and football at the professional football in Canada and Europe. 

He is also known for playing four seasons for the Mustang football team and a key defensive member of the most important clubs in the school history. 

Lance has a business degree from Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU), and Angie alumna works at Schwan’s. They both met while they were studying at SMSU. During that time, Carlton was a star on the track and football. 

Lance is co-owner of Hampton Ridge Financial with his partner Nate Bourne, who worked at the U.S bank and later started their own finance company. 

Lance is proud to be Trey’s father, and he remembers people calling him Trey Lance father.

He is proud that both his sons have followed his dream in entering the football arena, and without a doubt, they have the star roots passed down from their father to shine bright like him. 

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