Carmela Mendez Raber Age Kids And Net Worth: How Old Is She?

How Old Is Carmela Mendez Raber? Her Age Kids And Family Revealed

How Old Is Carmela Mendez Raber? Her Age Kids And Family Revealed

Carmela Mendez Raber is earning some name at the age of 38 appearing on Return To Amish. Let us know her better.

Carmela is a reality TV star. In fact, she is the cast of the sixth season of the TLC’s Return to Amish.

Carmela Mendez Raber Age: How Old Is She?

Carmela Mendez Raber’s age is 38 years old.

Mendez was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington. Interestingly, she was raised in a religious family. 

As a matter of fact, Carmela was raised by her mother. Her father, who was from Mexico reportedly left her. 

In addition, she has not revealed much about her childhood and education. The TV star keeps her private life low-key.

Furthermore, she is three years younger than her husband Jeremy, who is 41 years old.

Carmela Mendez Raber Kids: Who Is Her Husband?

Carmela Mendez Raber’s kids are not born until now.

Jeremiah Raber is her husband. The two got married in April 2016. However, there is no detail about how the couple met each other. Also, we do not have a clue when the two started dating.

Carmela’s husband had three kids from his previous marriage with Naomi Stutzman. However, the two daughters and a son live with their mom.

Her husband is also a star on the TV series Return To Amish. Furthermore, he is also recognized for his role in the American reality TV series, Breaking Amish.

Furthermore, Jeremiah reportedly has a clothing business called Amish Rebel. The 41-year-old was born and raised in an Amish community in Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, Carmela alleged Jeremiah for abusing and striking her. In fact, he was soo arrested for domestic violence. Also, there were rumors about Jeremiah’s intentions to divorce his wife.

In addition, Carmela was accused of stealing money from her husband. Actually, she had admitted to stealing $15 thousand from him.

But the two are having a happy relation at the moment. Also, the couple appears together in the show Return To Amish

What Is Her Net Worth?

There is no exact detail about Carmela’s net worth.

Raber lives a lavish life with her husband in Vancouver, Washington.

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