Casey Batchelor Fiance Age, Wikipedia And Net Worth

Dane Goodson: Everything To Know About Casey Batchelor Fiance

Dane Goodson: Everything To Know About Casey Batchelor Fiance

Dane Goodson is a businessman who recently shot to fame when he got married to Reality TV star Casey Batchelor.

Quick Facts: Dane Goodson: Everything To Know About Casey Batchelor Fiance

Name Dane Goodson
Age 32
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Businessman
Married/Single Engaged with Dane Goodson
Children 2

On January 26, 2021, Casey gave birth to a child. That child belonged to Dane and Casey. Everybody on the internet was obsessed with the lovely pictures of Dane Goodson holding his child. Dane was obsessed with Casey since her modeling days and now he is the baby daddy of the girl he liked so much.

Casey and Dane kept the rumors of their love life private but that lasted for only18 months. The news surfaced on the media after that. They have adjusted to the fame really well and now are trying to establish a happy family.

10 Facts On Dane Goodson

  1. Dane Goodson is 32 years of age currently. He looks really handsome which leads us to believe that he’s taken care of himself well.
  2. Details about his birthplace are not yet known. However, we know that he is British.
  3. Casey Batchelor and her fiance Dane Goodson are leading a comfortable life. However, Casey wasted no time and they already have 2 children now.
  4. Dane owns a stationery and printing company. He is a businessman who has done quite well for himself.
  5. Details about the net worth of Dane Goodson remain mysterious to date. However, we have strong reasons to think he has a sound financial state.
  6. Dane Goodson is not on the Wikipedia page. He is not as famous as his fiance.
  7. Dane had a job at DMG Suppliers and Print Services since April of 2014.
  8. Goodson is not a user of social media and we couldn’t find his Instagram account.
  9. Goodson had a daughter in 2017 with Casey and they had another baby in January 2021.
  10. His wife shares pictures of her babies occasionally from her Instagram account and they are always very sweet looking.

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