Cassie Pentland Jonathan Pentland Wife And Facebook Video

Jonathan Pentland Wife Cassie Pentland : See The Viral Facebook Video

Jonathan Pentland Wife Cassie Pentland : See The Viral Facebook Video

Cassie Pentland is the wife of Jonathan Petland. Why was her husband arrested? Let’s get to know everything about her and the case with her husband.

Cassie Pentland is recognized as the wife of the U.S. Army sergeant first class, Jonathan Pentland. The couple has been in limelight after the video of her husband misbehaving a black man went viral.

The man was identified as Jonathan by some of the social media users and the police soon underwent the investigation. As per the news portal, if Jonathan is found guilty he will be serving 30 days in prison and will be $500 as a fine.

Cassie Pentland: Jonathan Pentland Wife

Cassie Pentland is recognized as the wife of Jonathan Pentland.

The couple is together for more than a decade now. They exchanged their wedding vows in the year 2006. 

The couple owns a house in Barony Place.

Her Age: How Old?

Cassie Pentland seems to be in her early 40s.

Though the information regarding her age and other birthday is off the record, judging by her photos she seems to fall in the age group of 40-43.

Also, it is known that Cassie was born to parents Tedd Dalrymple and Linda Thomsen in Elmore County, Idaho.

Moreover, her husband, Jonathan is 42 years old as of 2021.

Her Family Revealed

Cassie Pentlad lives in a beautiful family of 4.

Cassie along with her husband has 2 beautiful daughters. They share a son and a daughter together.

Likewise, the family resides in South Carolina.

Viral Facebook Video Explained

On April 12, 2021, a video showing Jonathan Pentlans went viral on Facebook.

To explain more about the video, Jonathan is seen misbehaving with a young black guy. He is even seen pushing him at one point in the video. Cassie is not seen in the video but is heard telling the man” an aggressor.”

As per the source, after this video went viral, Cassie’s husband, Jonathan got arrested with third-degree assault.

Is She On Instagram?

Unfortunately, we are unable to trace Cassie on Instagram.

However, her husband is available on the platform as @jonathanepentland.

It is said that the man allegedly made his account private after the video went viral on social media.

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